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If you are seeking for a professional translator to whom to entrust the translation of some transcendent or, perhaps confidential documents, or need to be assissed in a major business meeting, you have found the right person. CONTACT WITH ME and forgot about that problem, because I have the BETTER SOLUTION for you. I do written and oral translations with the utmost professionalism, the smallest detail, excellence, discretion and quality in my services.

I´m specialized in legal areas, business and commerce, production processes, engineering, construction, psychology, neuroscience and sport. I guarantee more than 5 years of experience collaborating with both public and private companies, professionals and individuals.

I am bilingual in Russian and Spanish, and I have a high level in English. I´m graduated in Law and Business Management, which allows me to give my clients more answers, such as market studies, legal advice, tax, labor, among others.

So if you want to find a solution, CONTACT ME. I know how to help you achieve that success you want by launching your product to the international market, negotiating with your customers and suppliers or transmit your ideas to a person from another culture.

CONTACT ME and the language and the cultural understandings will no longer be a barrier to you and your business.


Do you need to translate the documentation for your CLIENTS and / or SUPPLIERS giving a professional image of your company?



CONTACT ME and FORGET about that problem

Do you have an important BUSINESS MEETING and you don´t speak your potential CLIENT language?




CONTACT ME and FORGET about that problem

Do you need to develop an important PROJECT in a language that you do not master?




CONTACT ME and FORGET about that problem


"Anastasia is an excellent professional with good preparation and high potential.

In addition to her ability to learn quickly, her dedication, seriousness of work and the level of demand that she imposes herself, make her stand out in her direct tasks as well as in others to support the different departments of the company.

Her high responsibility and total availability at all times, make it easy and pleasant to work with her as a team.

I sincerely believe that it is highly recommended to have it as well as having good preparation in its field, is very versatile and has the added value of being native in the Spanish and Russian languages".

Iván González Fava

Technical Architect

Anastasia has translated for us from Spanish to Russian complex technical reportsfor our Russian clients on the Costa del Sol.

The result has been highly satisfactory in all cases, both on our part (professionalism demonstrated by Anastasia, speed of delivery, presentation of the work, ...), and by our customers (perfect translation of the technicalities, understanding of main ideas, sentence construction, ...).

Her professionalism and previous experience in a large company, in which she has been in contact with the different departments t (technical, legal, commercial, management, ...), have been provided an important additional training for Anastasia, of which she has undoubtedly known benefit".




Ingeniería en Edificación (Málaga)


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