Business Management

Legal advice

Management of owner communities


Economist of Illustrious College of Economists of Seville (Spain)

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management

Bachelor Degree in Law

Master Degree in Advocacy

Specialization: Constitution and management of companies; Electronic billing; RED System; Social insurance; Labor hiring; Property communities management and Management of owner communities; Family law; Succession law; Tax law; Commercial law and Immigration law. 

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Why work with me

My career path and experience support me.

I started beeing a senior secretary in a construction company and in short ten years later I started my own business, Law consulting and Business management company NASTING ASESORES. That experience has enabled me to grow not just like a professional, but like a person too.

Working in diverse teams, work stays abroad, business and leisure trips, dealing with people socially located in different levels brings you closer to social reality and helps you to see the problems from different points of view and to find a better solution to them.

Free communication in three more spoken languages (Russian, Spanish and English), expand negotiation possibilities and growth of your business beyond national borders. 

Contact me and live your own professional and business experience with me. The experience that you will be able to share in this or in social media pages.

Email:      info@anastasiasedykh.com


Phone:    (+34) 692 533 315

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